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     Send this to myself

    Harvard has a famous Theory: the difference lies in the sparetime,and a person's fate isdetermined a

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     四川省标卓商贸有限公司 . 简介


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     Sichuan Province BiaoZhuo Trade Co. Ltd. introduction

    customer first, service first, seeking innovation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, always com

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     四川省标卓商贸有限公司 . 简介


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      Sichuan Province BiaoZhuo Trade Co. Ltd. introduction

                                                Sichuan Province BiaoZhuo Trade Co. Ltd. introduction

                                                            Directional marketing channel construction in hand brand


    Sichuan ProvinceBiaoZhuo Trade Co., Ltd, is a based on China Chengduof trading company, focusing on furniture, clothing industry, electronic commerce,organic food four major industrial chain one-stop marketing services. The company is committed to China brand manufacturers to provide for Chinesemarketing team and feasible marketing channel construction services, tradeinformation system more effective in Chengdu and the provinces. As business needs of all shareholders resolution in 2014 September set up in August 8, 2007 by the Chengdu City Jinniu District buildraw business department upgraded to Co Ltd.

    The company was founded in September 25, 2014, the registered capital of 2million yuan.

    Address: Chengdu Xindu District Xinfan Furniture Industrial Park: Wuhou Districtcluster Bridge Industrial park.

    The company has a wide range of product information network and strongexecution team. Company to "uphold: customer first, service first, innovation,mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, always committed to human safety, health,unremitting pursuit to create a better life" business purposes, strengthen contact and cooperation with all walks of life, through the joint strength of domestic brand manufacturers, open up Chinese trade market, the construction of a directexchange and transaction between customer and brand manufacturers platform,save cost for customers.

    Scope of business: furniture, electronic commerce, clothing, organic foods to the national trade.

    The main business includes: hotel furniture, KTV furniture, civil furniture, office furniture, electronic commerce, organic food, clothing shoes and hats, HVAC equipment and elevator agent sales and installation services.

    Social advantage:

    1, resources: the company has been in 9 furniture manufacturers, 5 clothing stores manufacturers, online mall, 2 asset information collection company,Sichuan Bureau of human resources in a strategic alliance, the unique productresources.

    2, the social resources: government provides policy support and manufacturersset up good relations of cooperation between the office of the government.

    Support 3, 4 banks to provide credit system.

    The future development of enterprise strategy:

    Grasp the law of development of modern service industry integration of Confucian culture, construction of trade development model unique, optimization of commerce circulation business to promote the brand manufacturers and terminal user interaction to open up the national market in the realization ofmodern trade after the field to the former territory.

    Enterprise culture:

    Company tenet: customer first, service first, seeking innovation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, always committed to human safety and healthundertakings, unremitting pursuit to create a better life.

    Make life: the standard Android brings you not only the services or more quality brand, service for customers, partners across the country.

    Vision: to enter the top 500 Chinese

    Business philosophy: moving the world with love, careful management of the good life

    Talent concept: people-oriented

    Core values: honesty, innovation, progress

    Service concept: your satisfaction is the value that I do.

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      四川省标卓商贸有限公司 . 简介

    四川省标卓商贸有限公司 . 简介.牵手品牌 构建渠道 定向营销

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